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Come meet the team and see our Daylighting Skylight Showroom in Southern Arizona. We service Pima, Santa Cruz, Pinal and Cochise counties since 1993.  Come see daylight piped and witness the beautiful natural light for yourself.  SunshineExperts is a Premier Solatube Dealer for the Phoenix and Tucson area. During the last 20 years, we have installed 20,000 Solatube Skylight Daylighting Systems. At Sunshine Experts, you will find a team of professionals ready to assist you with all of your daylighting needs. Whether you are remodeling, building a new home or you just want more pure, natural light - we can help. Here are just a few reasons why we have so many happy customers.

  1. All of our Certified Installation Consultants are employees who are trained and certified by the manufacturer.
  2. We install on Saturdays!
  3. We operate Southern Arizona's largest daylighting showroom.
  4. We offer an excellent product and installation guarantee.
  5. We install only Solatube Daylighting Systems. Not to be confused with copy cat, "Solar" Tubes, Sun Tunnels or other inferior products
  6. Solatube International guarantees the highest performing daylighting systems or your money back.
  7.  We are licensed and insured with general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. 
  8. All Installers are direct employees, NO Sub-contractors. Everyone is OSHA 10 Certified
  9. We are an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau.


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We like to get out and about from time to time. Find out where we’ll be demonstrating Solatube products or attending trade shows below. We hope to see you there!


Find out what it’s really like to own a Solatube daylighting or attic ventilation system. Just read the customer comments below. Then, if you’re ready to learn more, contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. There’s absolutely no obligation, and our professional Certified Installation Consultants arrive when it’s convenient for you.

If you're looking for results, go no further than Sunshine Experts for a Solatube install. It could not have been easier. I called and got all my questions answered, made an appointment, and everything went like clockwork. Adam, my installer , was very courteous and professional and made friends with my Labrador " Doc" right away. Then it was one, two, three and done. The light is great and we are very pleased with the whole experience.

Thanks for everything!

Art S.


I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased we were with both your products and your installation process. “Steve” came to our home exactly on time. He was very polite and professional. He explained everything to us in full detail and answered all of our questions completely. The time estimate he gave for installing two attic fans and a Solatube was almost perfect. He was very careful not to make or leave any mess. When he was done, he showed us his work, provided us with documentation and completed the “easy pay” paperwork. This was a pleasure! We’re very pleased with everything, from the initial contact, to the final handshake as Steve was leave. Great Job! We would highly recommend products, staff and process to anyone.

Thank you,

Bill L.

My name is Anya G. and I reside in "Bridges".

Barney had installed solar tubes today in my house.

I am writing this email just to thank him for a very good, precise and non intrusive work and to tell you that I love my bright and "solar sunny" kitchen.



Dear Sunshine Experts,

I was going to buy an air conditioner, I am so happy I didn't waste my money. My house is about 10 degrees cooler and it has cleared up my moisture problem in the winter time.

The best part about my solar powered attic fan is that it runs by the sun so I pay no money to keep my house cool.

Finally, they came out and were profession and did quality work.

Thanks Sunshine Experts,

Dorthy M.

Dear Sunshine Experts,


I recently purchased and had a Solatube DSE installed in my home.

The installer, named Barney, did a wonderful job. My wife was on-site during the installation. She anticipated a three to four hour window to have it installed and it only took an hour and a half. From what she described, Barney drilled a one inch hole in the ceiling and the remainder of the work was accomplished from the roof. The was no mess and all of the construction dust was collected on his drop cloth. He was in and out in a short time.

During the day for a couple of days, we were looking for the light switch to turn it off. Now, my wife can read without turning on a table lamp. We love our natural light.

Thank you for making the process go so smoothly.

Sincerely, a satisfied customer,

John L.

Sunshine Experts,

We got a Solatube daylighting system put in today, and I must tell the young man that put this in for us was absolutly wonderful,

His name was Barney and I tell you, Solatube is fortunate to have him, he is a jewel. I would recommend your product and will, but would want Barney to do the installation.

Thanks, we are happy customers.


Colene A.

Hi Sunshine Experts,

I wanted to tell you how pleased my family is with the installation of the two Solatubes on Saturday. What a difference! The cavernous, dark hallway now has light. The dark box, also known as my walk-in closet, has natural lighting for me so to see colors. What a great product you have!

Adam was very professional and was able to alleviate any apprehensions we had about water coming through. We had questions and Adam had answers... he did a great job! He even protected all my suits in the walk-in closet before drilling/cutting... something I hadn't thought about doing ahead of time. I was very grateful for his concern for my clothing.

I want to thank you for setting all of this up. When I met you a couple years ago, I saved your card because I felt that you were a man of your word and that you believed in your product. I truly appreciate your role in making this happen. You can be assured that I will pass on the word to others about your quality product and professional personnel.


Principal Margarita Middle School

Dear Sunshine Experts Solatube,

I just want to tell you how very pleased I am with my new solar attic fan. It does seem unbelievable, but I have been sleeping so much better since it was installed. I have had a sleeping problem for quite some time and I cannot tell you how thrilled and surprised I am about the extra sleep I am getting.

My neighbor and I would go to each other's house and hers was always much cooler than mine. We have identical houses and could not understand why the difference in temperature. When she had her Solatube installed the day that I had my solar attic fan installed we found out the answer. The installer, Justin Ramos, informed her that she already had an attic fan from Brighter Concepts.

So I just want to thank you so much for the extra benefit that I am getting from the new attic fan.

I have been a fan of Sunshine Experts since I had the Solatube installed five years ago. Michael De La Rosa was so helpful in setting up the work for the attic fan.

Thank you so very much!!!!


Marcia H.

Nov 25, 2017
We move to Scottsdale two years ago and finally decided to do some much need home improvements to our new house. We had four Solatube skylights in our previous house when we lived in the Bay Area so solar tubes for a great choice for the new casa. Sunshine Experts were professional and friendly in allowing us to ask many questions and provide the best prices. They gave us the need forms for the 55% tax credits. Cody was on time and cleaned up all the little pieces that were created during the installation. He completed two tube in less then four hours. Our bathroom looks amazing and our pantry is much brighter so now we our considering one or two tubes for the kitchen.
Oct 25, 2017
Michael was very knowledgeable and provided us some great details about some of the options and locations for Solatube skylights. He installed one in the hallway and two in our kitchen where he removed the ceiling can lights and now we have a great functioning lighting system. The sun light from above is so much nicer the way light lights up the wood cabinets and our granite countertops. Sunshine Experts provided the paperwork for the tax credits so we had one more installed this last week and look forward to the large tax refund in February.
Oct 20, 2017
This company works really hard to make sure their customers are satisfied. They are dedicated to their job, and they are such nice people. Great effort overall.
Sep 6, 2017
Originally, I had some issues with the installation of my solatubes; however, after a call to the company, they sent someone out to take a look at the tubes. Cody took care of the issues and showed me how to clean the tubes--should it ever require cleaning. Thank you for your patience and good customer service!
Jul 8, 2017
Michael, one of the Solatube installers, went the extra mile for my installation! I wanted 3 tubes installed but unfortunately, the duct work in the kitchen ceiling prevented them from putting one there where I wanted it the most. He mentioned that the ducts could be moved, but I suspected that it would cost quite a bit of money to do that. During the course of the installation, a local HVAC truck pulled up across the street. Michael took the initiative to go talk to the tech, asked him to come over to check out the situation, and he was able to provide me a quote on the spot to move the duct work (only $250!) So they installed the other 2 in a timely, professional manner (on one of the hottest days in June) and then came back a week later after the ducts had been moved for the 3rd. I love the results of the 3 solatubes and am very impressed with the company - I highly recommend them!
Jun 25, 2017
Very satisfied with awning. However, 6 months later we noticed it didn't automatically retract during a significant wind. I called office to ask if it should be retracting. Person who answered said he wasn't an awning expert but would ask someone else. Answer was yes it should be but a service call would be over $100 dollars. I said "Wait a minute, it is only 6 months old." Reply was, well if it is defective, it would be covered by warranty. I said go ahead and set up a service call, thinking it would be in a day or few at the most. Next available appointment was almost 4 weeks later (what the ....). I set the appointment and began to stew. Is this a known problem? Have others had the same problem? I turned to my friend, Google, for some assistance. Lo and behold I found the instruction manual for the wireless motion sensor. It has batteries and a sensitivity dial. No one showed me this or mentioned it during install or during my phone call. Guess they would rather charge for a service call instead of telling the customer how easy the fix or maintenance is. This needs to be a checklist item during installation. Take the cover off and show customer the batteries plus the sensitivity dial. If that had been done for us you would have gotten 5 stars.
Jun 23, 2017
Wonderful people to deal with, personable, quick, but very thorough and the price was right!!! All their work is guaranteed. Their other company, Sunesta, does remote control awnings. Very good quality and price. They are guaranteed for 8 years. We're getting one of those as well. 😀
May 27, 2017
I work for sunshine experts as an installation technician and am proud to say that this is a great company , alot of opportunities , and gotta say i have the coolest boss John Vogel, now how many people can say that about your boss.
Apr 29, 2017
I had two Solatube added installed in garage and they added a great feel of a real work space.
Mar 2, 2017
They are such a great company. I love my Solatubes. I installed four in my home. I have had 3 of them for four years and just got one more. They also did an awning for me. I know the owner and he always donates his time to great causes. Thanks John